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❤Company Principle: SG and its people improve and develop themselves at the same pace, and share great moments in life as well.
❤Company Vision: Be a leading company in technology, achieve the centennial milestone
❤Company Mission: Maximize shareholder’ value while being socially responsible
❤Company Value: Superior product quality and employee full cooperation
❤Company Spirit: Faithfull, hard-working, realistic, dedicating
❤SG Style: Efficient, Rigorous, Effective
❤Company ethic:  Integrity is the root, quality is above everything
❤Company Brand Value: Qualified people build qualified products
❤Business Philosophy: Win-Win relationship with customers and suppliers
❤Company human-oriented philosophy: Employees are the base for company development; company is the cradle for employee’s growing up.
❤SG core value: Focus on the contribution to the company, from departments, employees, products and things we do.