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Technological Innovation、High Quality、China No.1 Axle ----SG offering on National Day


        China 60th. National Day anniversary parade was grandly held at Tian An Men Square at 10 am on 1st. Oct. 2009, it is the first prosperous National parade of People’s Republic of China since 21 century. As China No.1 Axle, Dandong SG Axle from the city of War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea which is responsible to provide the assembly production supply for the parade vehicles formation by its high quality and complete the history mission that country have entrusted successfully.

        As China No.1 Axle, SG Axle undertakes to provide the assembly production service for the second generation military vehicles on National Day parade. Second generation military vehicle is SG new product of SUV axle products which is extraordinarily designed to satisfy the requirement of big load and military SUV performance according to series technological innovation and SG’s scientific and technological advantage. The fatigue test of the product can reach over 2 million times which increased 50% than that kind. At the same time, the four- wheeled disk brake structure enhanced stability of the brakes, advanced limit slide differential enhanced vehicle driving ability on the complex road. On the National parade equipment acceptance handing over ceremony, the leader of General Logistics Department and Beijing Auto bestowed highly praise to SG :”We trust in SG quality.”

        Currently, SG Axle owned only axle production technical center which was certified as National Accredited Technical Center in China and 34 state-of-the-art production lines, SG develop over 100 applications of suspension, light-duty ,heavy-duty and fully covered the loading range from 1.6T to 13T. SG has long been provided synchronous development assembly service to Beijing Benz、JAC、Brilliance、Great Wall Auto、Chery、Beijing Auto、Huatai、Changfeng Auto and Asia first big and worldwide third big commercial vehicle——Foton as well as Changfeng Pajero、Beijing Auto、Huatai etc. in succession to realize SG Axle localization.

        SG has been exclusive developed and supplied suspension system for Brilliance since the date of its sedans launched in 2006 and help Brilliance become one of the superexcellent sedans in domestic market, since Brilliance was exported to Germany、Egypt on 27th. Nov. 2006, so SG sedans suspension also had been sold to overseas countries and regions like Africa、Asia、Europe、South and North America etc.. SG developed Tiggo axle for Chery in 2005 which mainly used to export to Europe etc. market. SG set up sedans suspension modularized plant in Shenyang、Wuhu etc. successively in order to realize synchronous develop the front and rear suspension assembly with different OEMs in different regions in 2008, SG created a domestic sedans chassis system modularize integrated supply precedent.

        At the same time, with the intensification of competition in the international market, SG Axle also joined deeply into multinational supply chain system, some well-known companies like AAM、Dana、Eaton、Teleflex are SG long-term business partner, and awarded many times Global Chief Supplier by its overseas customer. SG Axle owned the self-renovation core technologies and high quality product and replaced the imported axle successfully with its international advanced level and found favor in domestic and overseas customer’s eyes. Independent from the  4 automobile group, as the largest axle supplier, SG was accredited the First Brand and first China Brand in China axle industry with its abundant strength by SAE CHINA、ICP、China Audit Firm、CAIA.

        As China No.1 Axle, SG shows the China auto component quality and China auto quality to the world again with its particular technological innovation and high character, China parade vehicles has realized from multinational to National completely. SG is marching toward international top auto component system integrated supplier and manufacturer, under the present international and domestic circumstances, on behalf of China auto component industry, SG Axle is going to enter into a new phase of development.