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Universal Material Testing Machine

Universal Material Testing Machine

Universal Material Testing Machine utilized hydraulic  loading and used electronic measurement techniques、computer data processing and screen display testing force and deformation. Eeasy to operate and testing data is accurate. It applies to metal tensionn、compression、bend and cut test like common steel and also applies to compression  and bend test for common material、plastic、cement and concrete.
1.Tensioning test
 Flat sample max holding width:60mm
Flat sample max holding thickness:30mm
Circular sample holding diameter: 13~40mm

2.Compression  test
Circular sample max diameter: 154mm
Max height: 600mm
Quadrate sample max length: 154mm, max width: 154mm
(if big error between sample height and diameter or width, easy to find bend)
3.Bend test
Flat sample max length: 500mm
Max width: 100mm
Max allowable bend:  100mm
4.Cut test
Sample diameter: 10mm