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Huanghai hybrid power buses access to market successfully

    Recently, The new 6DD6129HES11 hybrid power bus researched by the Huanghai bus institute made a successful access to the production market which means Huanghai has become the brightest one in the bus industry --  09 new energy bus , won the government special support policy .
    At the end of Mar, 2009, national industrial and information department experts came to Huanghai to audit. The experts agreed that hybrid power bus researched by the institute has reached the standard. Huanghai Corporation can meet the requirements of hybrid power production.
    DD6129HES11 is researched by bus institute and Beijing technology institute together. It takes 50 senior designers 3 years to accomplish this design by means of paying a visit to bus corporation one by one and investigate the running state, actual speed and oil consumption and etc.
    The electric control of the hybrid power vehicle is the critical section of this power system. Considering the running characteristics of our city bus, when bus research institute cooperated with Beijing space technology institute, they did experiments again and again. Also they made some improvement design which both makes the electric control section in accord with the operation pattern.  The electric control of the hybrid power vehicle adopts a mixture of oil and electricity which means clutch and electric control system together control the running of each part. By means of it, Engine, generator and motors integrated in the driven system and implemented the drivability. Parallel series system makes the engine be in the best working condition which guarantees the proper emissions and the lowest oil consumption. By testing operation on the city bus track, we have made improvement to the segmental electric control program which makes the emissions and oil consumption reach the same level as the foreign like products.


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