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SG Brings us Hope and Confidence

 Training Impression from a 2011 Graduate, New SG Staff Member

    Half a month ago, be anxious and excited, I took a train to Dandong, a northeastern city and also the biggest border city in China.

    Staying in this picturesque city, I felt like flying in the sky with green color since the place has been occupied by many maidenhair trees. Each street stood a line of maidenhair trees resembling elegant ladies. I was moved by such sensational scenery and a feeling of happiness embraced me.

    During this half month, we, these college graduates but new SG members were given systematic training courses through which I learnt a lot. Though the time was limited, it was a nice memory which helped me to grow from an innocent school student to a staff member with basic vocational qualities.

    “Follow disciplines and behave properly” is a basic code of conduct for all staff. And military training is a good approach to develop such quality. Back in school, we were so undisciplined and loose. For instances, getting up without folding quilts, being late for school, sleeping in class and other behavoirs which were prohibited in students’ regulations but considered as habits by us. At the beginning of the military training, I was uncomfortable with those rigid requirements, such as acting promptly and formally, obeying orders all the time, etc. But step by step, I found myself disciplined and well behaved after a few days. Training made skin suntaned, throat hoarse and body ached, yet we were so proud and excited when we marched in unison, shouting slogan in high spirits.

    “Work hard and pursue perfect” is an essential requirement for doing a good job. Since we lacked working experience and felt anxious and confused at the beginning, the company arranged several courses presented by senior administrative leaders. From the speech entitled “creativity, deliberation and efficiency” by SG CEO Joe, I recognized that world auto market is of great potentiality in future 20 years. Chinese auto business is a shining star in global vehicle industry based on its effort and progress in last ten years. Facing such a bright future, SG an important auto manufacturer nationwide, is to have a further exploration to overseas market.

    I realized that the business I will be engaged in is full of energy and hope. And SG auto group where I will work in is just on the way to be a top-rankng enterprise covering global business.

    During training, the company also organized a series of outdoor activities where we could show personal talent and more importantly, learn how to be united and cooperated. Since then, I realized the significance of teamwork.

    Life is like a journey which consists of many beautiful episodes. It is my honor that SG is an integral part of my life. The 15-day-training, treasure in my life, taught me how to tackle problems and more importantly, how to be a good man. When the training concluded, I phoned my parents and proudly said: “ I am leading a happy life here. I believe I will have a good development in SG.”

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