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7 dominant Huanghai Beijing vehicles TRANSEXPO

    2009 Beijing international road transportation, city buses and components exhibition (Beijing TRANSEXPO in short) is to be held in the Beijing exhibition on 22nd –24th in Apr.  There are seven varieties of bus models on display including coach, tourist bus, bus, new energy vehicle and etc.
    As the highest authoritative exhibition sponsored by the Chinese ministry of transport, many well known bus corporations and components corporations take part in the Beijing transportation exhibition in 2009. The corporations exhibited with the newest,advanced, competitive products. That is to say , this exhibition is not only a exhibition of accelerating new technology ,new material, new equipment spreading the application for the bus industry , but also a big stage  on which  bus corporations competing for displaying dominant products .
    Huanghai bus selects 7 representative vehicle to be on the exhibition including DD6187S01,18 meter s city bus BRT  ,  hybrid power  bus DD6129HES11, the first AMT bus in China -- DD6128S01  , luxurious coach  DD6129K02  , medium-sized road bus DD6890K11, double tourist deck coach DD6119S01 and 11 meters CHH6110K01 new passenger vehicle. DD6129K02 compete in the “Best road bus”, DD6128S01 compete in the “best bus”, and DD6128S01 compete in the “Best new energy bus”.
    It is reported that DD6129HES11 hybrid power buses are developed by Danton Huanghai and China space Group together which was awarded the forth international auto contest “CIBC new energy/green bus awards” at the seventh Beijing international exhibition. Besides , the first AMT bus in China-- DD6128S01 , middle sized Highway passenger vehicle DD6890K11 , double layer tourist bus DD6119S01 and new Highway passenger vehicle 11 meter CHH6110K01 are all the new products designed by Huanghai ,among which DD6128S01AMT bus is the newest vehicle developed  by  Huanghai and American Eaton together . Also, DD6128S01AMT bus is the first city bus which installs the ISDe 270 30 engine, mechanical automatic gearbox and also matches the Eaton AMT system.


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