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SG Axle Pursues Perfection


Honored as “Premier Supplier” by Eaton , SG Axle has made strenuous endeavor to upgrade its target from “Zero Error” to “ Zero PPM”.
In 2003, Liaoning SG Automotive Group Co., Ltd. ( abbreviated as SG) joined hand with Eaton Corporation. From then on, SG staff made an all-out effort in every process, from establishing production line to formal production. Learning the concept of “Zero Error” in manufacture, SG members sticked to the faith that any slight negligence and error in production could bring about negative influence to the company. Therefore, they keep on high alert to avoid any mistake from happening during production all the time.
Bearing in mind that company’s development depends on talent and capability of all SG employees, top management carried out systematic training to managers and operators at all levels. Covering a wide scope of items, like human engineering, quality control, 6S site management, production material, cutter, manufacturing process, and quality awareness, the training not only urged SG members to be more enterprising and devoted but also let them understand that quality is company’s life.
SG Axle adopts multi-position control method for product’s defects inspection. For instances, it is required that the control for porosity, non-cleanup and burr in machining surface should begin with the first operation and occurs twice in the following operations. This means that altogether there are three operations where such defects can be detected from the very beginning to the end of the production line. 
    To verify the effectiveness of multi-position control method, SG quality control team conducted an experiment called rabbit test. It is implemented in this way: some castings with porosity are mixed with normal ones in production without operators notice. It aims to figure out during which operation the problem can be identified and controlled. Among 150 flawed castings put in the trial, 139 parts were detected in the first operation and the remaining 11 unqualified parts were detected in the second operation. Then SG carried out an additional training to those 11 operators who had not detected bad parts at the first place.
This multi-position control method was applied to each job. For each job, its quality was controlled by people at multi-level, i.e. first by operator, then manager, and then top management. The core of zero-error is prevention. Error, if any, would be detected and removed during this process.
Adhering to “Zero Error” idea, SG has maintained zero PPM since the start of Eaton program. SG was awarded " premier supplier" by Eaton consecutively in 2005 and 2006.
  To differentiate “SG Axle” from other competitors and make it a world famous brand, SG works hard to build its competitiveness by high quality and reasonable cost.
 SG Axle's quality culture is to surpass customer expectations and pursue perfection. It comprises four aspects. First, quality&ethics, i.e. being honest and quality first. Second, quality &value, i.e. providing customer with high price-performance ratio product and service. Third, quality& brand, i.e. quality of people decides the quality of product. Fourth, quality&code of conduct,i.e. SOP is the only code of conduct.
Referring to quality management system, SG axle put ISO9001:1994 Standard into effect since 1997. In 1998, it gained GB/T19001:94-ISO9001:94 certification by CQM and QS-9000:1998 certification by CCMQS in 2000. The year 2006 witnessed SG passed ISO/TS16949:2002 Certificate of Quality Management System and it also passed audit for renewal of ISO/TS16949:2002 in 2008.
Through the development of 27 years, SG has formed a quality management pattern which focuses on forging a comprehensive quality management system via four basic aspects, quality plan, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement. Nowadays, SG owns professional quality management team and the team members are proficient in using quality management tools. Meanwhile, SG possesses a national level test center where there are 117 test machines and various analysis softwares that play crucial roles in raw material control, process control and new products development control .
In 2011, SG axle is scheduled to invest 100 million RMB in expanding its test center to enhance its axle validation capability. 6 kinds of software for fatigue analysis, structure analysis, mode analysis, optimization analysis, and NVH analysis and 13 test machines such as RENK dynamometer, SINCOTEC electro-magnetic oscillator will be introduced.
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