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Landscape V3 Shines in Shanghai Auto Show

Landscape V3 was presented in 14th Shanghai International Auto Show. The product launch press conference was held on 19th, Apr. 2011. Reporters from nearly 100 news medium swarmed into the conference room and the atmosphere on the site was extremely heated. 

Huanghai Auto brought four models of elaborate vehicle to the show, and the most brilliant one was Landscape V3 SUV.
Landscape V3 is a medium-high end SUV which is the fruit of years' professional design, engineering, and multiple validation tests. It is a brand new city recreational vehicle developed by Huanghai Auto, and a milestone on Huanghai's way to high end recreational SUV maker. It is developed on brand new platform and its carrying-load body is a breakthrough from the traditional body-frame structure. Manufacturing process is upgraded, and the total quality and performance is far above the traditional SUV and is comparable to HONDA and KIA SUV. With its dynamic and fashionable styling, wide and streamlined body structure, spacious interior room, luxury and caring-for-people equipment, Landscape V3 can be widely used for home, commercial, recreational and off-road applications  
During the exhibition, a large amount of visitors were fascinated by the extraordinary appearance of V3 and asked many questions about its details.

The highlight in the exhibition this year was the aggressive and powerful advancement of national auto brands. As a domestic manufacturer, Huanghai Auto also showed its progress in self-research and self-development during recent years.

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