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Huanghai Landscape F1 Won Big Success in Trial Run

    The first time that the reporter saw Huanghai Landscape F1, she was greatly attracted by its European style appearance with handsome front part, free streamline body and appropriate proportion between vehicle head and body. It is unbelievable that the price is just 100 thousand yuan or so. For some people not familiar with Huanghai would think that it must be high end SUV imported from other countries.

    The one that the reporter tried was 2012 Landscape F1 with 2.4 manual four wheel driven type. And it is also the most expensive model in all landscape SUV using petrol.

    As regular, the feature of high performance and price ratio is also well reflected by Landscape F1. Specifically, it has DVD+GPS+ vedio for vehicle reversion, SD card+MP3 radio, openable rear windshield, electric skylight, auto air conditioning, leather seat, ABS+EBD+safety air bag and two air exhausting pipes, etc. It is guaranteed that configuration for Landscape F1 is not lagged behind. In fact, 2012 Landscape F1 is an improved version with 29 upgraded items and 15 improved items compared with original one. There are many modifications made to door handle, pedal, wheel hub, bumper, LED and other details to meet customer's modern aesthetic requirements for SUV. Besides, folded key remoter, screen wipers and other device are improved to ensure comfortable driving and riding.

    Probably, Huanghai Auto the manufacturer of Landscape F1 is not a renowned name for passenger vehicle customers. However, Huanghai Auto and its parent company SG Group are both household names in commercial vehicle and component markets. The business domain of SG axle covers passenger suspension system, light duty axle, middle and heavy duty axle and relevant components. With sales No.1 in light duty market for consecutive 15 years, SG axle is entitled as "Light-duty Axle No.1" in China. SG has research and development centers in Dandong, Sheyang ,Beijing and U.S. It is competitive in R & D and adjustment for chassis system compared with others of the same kind in China.

    As expected, the suspension system for Landscape F1 gave the reporter deep impression while trial driving. Though F1 highs 1830mm, the chassis stability is still very high when running with high speed. Actually, there is no big difference between low speed running and high speed running for stability, which makes users feel confident and easy when overtaking others.

    As an off-road SUV, F1 performs well in special road conditions since its  independent suspension steering with front two cross arms is easy to manipulate and has strong holding power and strong endurance for inpulsive force. F1 suspension style is the most common one in middle and senior level SUV and super racing cars. Five-linkage in rear suspension makes evident improvement on independent rear axle in terms of endurance and maintenance, which won praise from professional trial run drivers.

    Referring to power system, Landscape F1 utilizes engine 4G69S4N which has maximum power of 105kW, maximum torque of 206N ▪m. Though it weighs 1830kg in total, people still feel easy to control the vehicle due to its developed power system.

    F1 transmission ratio is reasonable since it can be speeded up easily either for gear 4 or for gear 5 so long as rotate speed is over 1500 rpm. Different from vehicle of some self-owned brands, F1 SUV has sufficient power to avoid decreasing gear before overtaking.

    Landscape F1 overcame various tests and challenges in the trial run this time. What's more, F1 also showed its glamour in "China Dongchuan Sandstorm International Auto Cross-country Race" and won "Diesel Group Manufacturer Champion". The competition is famous for its complex race tracks which ran across mountain, quicksand, river, marsh, desert and other extreme environment. There are 113 vehicles took place in the competition, but only 40 of them completed the entire race. All 3 Huanghai vehicles participated not only sticked to the end but also presented the best performance.

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