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Landscape V3 CUV & Prince pickup are shining in Beijing International Auto Fair

Huanghai Auto Passenger Vehicle Division holds Huanghai Auto New Product news conference in Beijing

    New product launching news conference of Huanghai Auto was held at 9am on April 24 in Beijing International Auto Fair which was one day after its opening ceremony. More than one hundred mainstream media took part in this news conference. A crowd gathered on site with exceptional fiery atmosphere.

    The authoritative media in China Auto field, China Auto Daily Vice Chairman Mr. Li Chun Li took part in the news conference on invitation. And he also took the opening ceremony for new product together with the leaders from Passenger Vehicle Division of Dandong Huanghai Automotive Co., Ltd.
    The first launching Landscape V3 CUV and Prince pickup set off new upsurge of the whole news conference. And of course they became the focus under flash lamps because they gained highly reputation from honored guests, media and foreigners.
    Around 3:30pm at that day, Liaoning Province Vice Governor Mr. Liu Guo Qiang paid personal visit to Huanghai Auto stand and he made highly appraise to Landscape V3 and Prince pickup.
    Landscape V3 CUV is a sport sedan specially designed for new generation elites by Passenger Vehicle Division of Huanghai Auto. It is fashionable model which can show individuality and is full of sport passion. Meanwhile it is further extension of SUV detailed divided market. It enlarges further its customer. It is typical product of high end market positioning. Both from product quality and function it shows even more competitive product. This launching with this product is a full trial for Huanghai Auto to enter into individual demand market, and also it is full explanation of Huanghai Auto’s perception of “high quality product could reach anywhere”.
    “Huanghai Prince pickup”is typical product of Passenger Vehicle Company to enter into “high end” detailed divided pickup market. From body styling it belongs to the same platform with new Landscape CUV which continues the fashionable, plump, strong and aggressive appearance. It is fully out of traditional pickup style. Meanwhile it extremely shows the perception of Huanghai pickup of “big space, big loading and big power” so as to strive hard to be No.1 for big space, No.1 for big loading, No.1 for strong chassis and No.1 for big power which is called competitive pickup.
    The successful holding of this news conference made by Passenger Vehicle Division of Huanghai Auto Company makes collective and high efficient pre-heating publicity for these two models of products, meanwhile it also increases the expectation and attention from consumers. And more important through Beijing International Auto Fair this platform to show the actively progressive brand image of Huanghai Auto to consumers, transmit the determination and belief of striving forward, entering high end pickup market, performing careful and detailed work as well as achieving break through.
    The Beijing International Auto Fair grandly opened on April 23 the enthusiasm and scale of the exhibitors are unprecedented high especially the brilliant display of new vehicles offers not only visual banquet to visitors but also it shows the attention and progress of new product research and development of the auto manufacturers.

Huanghai Prince pickup, king of pickup beyond challenge

Landscape V3 CUV, fashionable and ideal choice for elites

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