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Inspection and Quarantine Officials from 29 Countries Visited Changzhou Huanghai Bus Company

    In the afternoon on 3th, June, a large-scale team of foreign officials paid a visit to Changzhou Huanghai Bus Company. The team consisted of 70 inspection and quarantine officials at high level from 29 countries. These officials were members of Seminar for Entry-Exit Commodity Inspection Officials of Developing Countries and Seminar for Inspection and Quarantine Officials of Russian Speaking Countries organized by Ministry of Commerce、AQSIQ and Jiangsu Inspection and Quarantine Institute of Quality. The visit aimed to demonstrate the improvements brought by China’s reforming and opening up policy and facilitate foreign trade.

    Officials visited production lines and inspection lines of Changzhou plant. Some of them were accessed to have a specific understanding of the situation of overseas exportation and product types in the base. Officials spoke highly of Changzhou Huanghai bus company after the visit that day.

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