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Huanghai Bus “High Quality•High Value”National Exhibition Tour

   Shanghai Exhibition of Huanghai Bus “ High Quality · High Value” National Exhibition Tour concluded on 27th, May.

2011 is the first year of  “the Twelfth Five -Year Plan”, Huanghai Bus adheres to the principle of  “Quality the First” and advocates the concept of  “High Quality · High Value”.
   To make a better profit in tourist passenger transportation market, Huanghai bus determines to optimize marketing mode further and put forward the concept of “extensive marketing” which requires to combine feedbacks of products and requirements of market, highlight communication with customers and offer comprehensive and considerate solutions for clients.
    And Shanghai Exhibition is the first step to implement “Extensive Marketing” concept.  

To ensure customers have an better understanding of new products, Huanghai leaders asked their technical experts to present a detailed explanation. And the chief speaker in Shanghai exhibition was Wang Lin, deputy director of Chassis Research Institute of Huanghai Bus.
     Setting out from Shanghai at 9:30 a.m.on 26th, May, Huanghai Bus DD6119K30 launched a national exhibition tour called “ High Quality· High Value”. DD6119K30 is a newly developed “exceptional product” featuring low price and low energy consumption. As for the price, this type of product belongs to middle -class bus with acceptable prices. And energy-saving is reflected in two aspects that are oil control and lightweight design. With the total length of 10.8 m and weight of 10.5 ton, DD6119K30 only consumes 20 L oil per 100 miles in the test with comprehensive operating condition.
     The focus of DD6119K30 trial drive was to test its oil consumption, controllability, braking system, stability and noise condition.
    Hundreds of potential customers were invited by Huanghai Bus to the exhibition in Shanghai.
   In order to help customers have a better understanding of new products, Huanghai bus company arranged a 20 miles trial run for each customer. DD6119K30 started off from Shanghai with full-loaded luggage space and 29 passengers, including service staff and volunteers to trial driving and riding.
    Since the limited distance from Shanghai to Changzhou, only five guests experienced this 20 miles trial run with meter recording its speed and oil consumption. Many participants gave positive comments on the trial drive by saying that it was comfortable while driving the bus, or the braking and cruise systems work well, etc. In order to clarify how much oil the vehicle expended, organizers monitored the oil consumption for each trial run. The result of monitoring showed that the bus only used up about 18 L oil per 100 kilometer when it was full-loaded with air conditioning on. More surprisingly, a rider who had drove for 12 years just used 17.67 L oil under usual condition. When asked his impression on the bus, he said it was really marvellous.  
   While trial driving, Wang Lin gave a specific introduction of the bus and responded questions patiently.
    During Shanghai exhibition, both potential customers and Huanghai engineers communicated and exchanged ideas actively. In DD6119K30 promotion conference on 27th, May, two representatives of visitors who had experienced the trial run not only showed their recognition of the new products but also expressed their expectations and best wishes to Huanghai bus.
   In fact, it was the first time for most visitors to such a bus exhibition where they could experienced trial run. They considered highly of such an activity which provided a chance for guests to have a profound understanding of new products.
    Another two models of buses DD6807C01 and DD6128C01 were exhibited at the same time. Many visitors showed their interest and exchanged opinions with engineers from Huanghai and proposed their suggestions.

Picture 1: Wang Lin, deputy director of Chassis Research Institute of Huanghai Bus is introducing this new type of bus for guests

Picture 2: Guests are full of praise for its good performance of oil-saving

Picture 3: A guest is writing down relevant data and information reflected during his trial driving.


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