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31 Huanghai Landscape F1 Delivered to Provincial Public Security Bureau for Police Service

Currently, 31 Huanghai landscape F1 police vehicle have been delivered to Liaoning public security bureau for police service in protective districts of Liao river and Ling river to assist police staff to improve and maintain a ordered and safe environment there.

Though requirements for these special used vehicle weere very strict, Huanghai F1 defeated other competitors with its outstanding performance in the bidding. Since this batch of vehicle are expected to be good assistance to policeman in law enforcement work, they must have the capability to overcome many special problems and and be competent for different barriers, like being driven for a long time with tough road conditions. Thus, high quality, high safety and strong reliable after service system are extermely crucial for these vehicle.Knowing the great importance of this, Huanghai Auto made an all-out effort to meet these high requirements by updating technology in vehicle safety, upgrading loading capability and many other performances. 

It is the second time for the cooperation between Huanghai Auto and Liaoling Public Security Bureau in 2012. In the beginning of this year, 40 Huanghai landscape F1 have been purchased by Liaoning Public Security Bureau for law enforcement in all parts of the province. It is because the great performance of the upgraded landscape F1 that users thought highly of it and offered the second order.

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