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Jinzhou Public transit upgraded by Huanghai CNG Buses


         Fog and haze weather has been bothering people in north of china for while, the recent 125 Huanghai CNG buses has been a hot topic in Jinzhou, it will leading the improvement of air quality and the public transit.


   Huanghai Buse right now is the No 1 bus brand in Jinzhou city, and major are CNG buses. Not only bus drivers are satisfied with Huanghai huses, but also passengers are happy with the modern style, energy saving, low emission Huanghai bus. Other than that the CNG tanks are installed underneath easy for filling the gas and maintenance.


   The most important things of Huanghai CNG buses not only environmental friendly, but also cost saving, for a 12 meter CNG bus comparing a Diesel bus everyday it can save 40% money for the fuel. That is why you can see Huanghai CNG buses everywhere, especially in Shijiazhuang city, from 2009 up to now, it has ordered 1500 CNG buses from Huanghai.  

    To develop the Green Transit is one of the beast measures to deal with fog and haze weather, in future more and more Huanghai new energy buses will be on the road. 

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