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The Facility Launch Ceremony of Changzhou Huanghai Bus Base Held

Li Haiyang, CEO of SG Group Vowed to Build Top-ranking Bus Base
Fan Yanqing, Party Secretary of Changzhou Municipality Expressed Confidence and Hope 

   The launch ceremony of Changzhou Huanghai bus industry base opened on 26th, national high-tech industry development zone in Changzhou. This ceremony also indicated that the bus base is about to be in operation soon.
   Party Secretary of Changzhou Municipality Fan Yanqing, mayor Wang Weicheng, Zou Huxiao president of Bus Branch of CHTS, other government officials and leaders from public transportation industry, etc got together with SG president Li Jindian and SG CEO Li Haiyang to celebrate this significant moment.

    President Li showed his confidence, stating that Huanghai would undertake the mission of “ create benefits to society”and stick to the principle of “ superior quality, seamless teamwork”. He also stressed the importance of absorbing and making full use of advanced technology abroad to create high-quality products. “Only in this way can a modern industry base with first-class management, strong engineering capability and brilliant products come into being.” Mr. Li said.
   The construction of this industry base gained supports from Changzhou municipal party committee and the government. During the construction, Mr. Fan inspected the site for several times and put forward constructive suggestions. The rapid and steady development of the base brought a big surprise and joy to leaders. In the ceremony, Mr. Fan remarked: “Huanghai is one of the most influential brands in domestic bus industry. With a history of 60 years, Huanghai has always played a leading role in this field. It not only won the bidding of supplying city buses for Beijing public transportation service during 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, but also established a flagship brand in bus industry. In recent years, under the guidance of “superior quality”, its quality of products has been improved and variety of products has been expanded as well.”
   Mr. Fan conveyed: “We are confident of Changzhou bus base and looking forward to see its prosperous future.”
    The completion of the base made great influence on Changzhou bus industry. Huanghai Bus Company and Changzhou Public Transportation Group signed an agreement of 120 city buses, including 20 electric buses of 12m and 100 city buses. As one of the auto companies that were enrolled in New Power Bus List by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Huanghai Bus has made a step forward in development of new energy buses.
    Two new models of buses DD6756K01 and DD6121G21 were displayed and recommended in the ceremony. Based on the refreshing appearance and innovative technology, they became the most representative models which drew great attention and achieved applause from guests. These middle-sized buses not only expanded Huanghai's product line but also enhanced competitiveness of its products. In the meantime, coach buses shown on the site illustrated that Huanghai could present a good performance in tourist transportation industry also.
    Changzhou base has set up 12 medium and large-sized bus production lines, including welding lines, coating lines, final assembly lines and comprehensive test lines. And its annual capacity has reached 6000 buses of all types. With such strong capability in Changzhou base, it becomes more possible and easier for Huanghai to explore bus market in southern China.
 Accompanied with SG leaders, mayor Wang Weicheng ( right the second) is inspecting a workshop in Changzhou bus base
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