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Huanghai Won Big Order of 400 Natural Gas Buses


  After 380 natural gas buses made by Huanghai Changzhou were put into use on July 1, 2011, another big event in the industry, the public bidding for 400 natural gas bus for Shijiazhuang city, came to the end. Huanghai Dandong won the big order of 400 natural gas buses. The success achieved by Huanghai Changhzou and Dandong brought the bright color to the gloomy domestic bus market of 2011.
It is reported that the bidding consists of four sections which are as follows: section A is 130 buses of 14 meter, natural gas and air conditioned. Section B is 170 buses of 12 meter, natural gas and air conditioned. Section C is 80 buses of 10 meter, natural gas, front-mounted engine. Section D is 20 buses of 10 meters, natural gas, rear-mounted engine. Huanghai bus model that corresponds to each section is DD6141S05、DD6129S58、DD6109S05F、DD6109B20.
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