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Huanghai Raytour European LDV Building “Smooth Mode”

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         The trend of world integration development has been more and more obvious in recent years. More enterprises begin to push over the walls bravely which hindered their own development, and lead the enterprises to look far ahead from a high plane with the global vision. Huanghai Raytour is one of them.
   At the end of 2013, "the provisions for Party and government organs to practice economy against waste" issued that, cancel the normal public transport, to retain the cars for necessary enforcement, confidential communications, emergency and special technology, and other equipped in accordance with the regulations." Then it is easy to find that all these refitted light-duty passenger vehicles with special technology and functions mentioned above will have an important developmental opportunity in government procurement in future. In 2014 light-duty PV market, the market share of refitted light-duty PV for specialized uses, like police car, cash truck, ambulance and others, will be expanded.
   In 2013, In addition to meet the retail demand, Raytour also had an excellent performance in the public security, police, medical, health, logistics and other market segments. As the VIP vehicle for 2013 National Games in Shenyang, Raytour took the responsibility of escort mission for the games. For different market segments, Raytour mainly adopts the differential strategy. At present, Huanghai Raytour is taking the integration of technology, demands, and culture and other measures by virtue of its own global strategic thinking, to build up its own market.
   Technical integration: to create international industry chain
   Raytour follow advanced Europe standard, integrate global R & D resources. at the same time for the domestic and international two markets new development, manufacturing and quality of the implementation of strict control, always adhere to the integration of industrial chain resources worldwide first-class technology, manufacturing technology and quality standard by the world class standard. Huanghai Raytour worked through joint efforts to improve the international industrial chain, industrial value chain to occupy the commanding heights.
   The purchasing chain of Raytour is including world top 500 company, the engine is from Cummins, the transmission is from German ZF. Through the integration of international resources, it is becoming  international Raytour.   
   Demand integration: to satisfy customer
   Raytour has carefully studied the demands of china and overseas customers. Dalian Huanghai President Mr Ge Xianwen said, currently, in European market, the short LDV is the main stream, lacking of medium and long LDV, various Raytour products can fill the gap, to satisfy the customer differential demands. 
   Major products of Raytour is “6” series (Raytour A6 and Raytour V6), they are long LDV, the overall Raytour products are including “4,5,6,7” 4 series. the high roof Raytour can meet logistic request for large space. Moreover, Raytour increased the load capacity from 3.5T to 4.48T. but Raytour will not stop there, we will continue improve to satisfy different customers.
         Culture integration: start the customization mode
   No novelty products can meet consumers increasingly critical eye, similar products will cause visual fatigue,personal customization will be the future development trend. Raytour has done culture integration, built the refit factory and RV R & D centre inside the company. MR Ge said, the refit capability is the same like the manufacture capability, we can do them at the same place, and the offline vehicle will be just like the vehicle from OEM.    
   Before the refit, customer can design the vehicle together with engineer, even do the interior together, and eventually make a unique personal vehicle. 
  If we push down the wall, it will become the road. The Raytour will continue push down all the walls on the road to success, to build “smooth mode” for company development.

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