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Substantial Progress for SG Gear

Shandong Rongcheng SG Gear Co., Ltd. is a stock company affiliated with Liaoning SG Auto Group. It focuses on the research, production and sales of high precision spiral conical gears.

According to overall corporate development plan, Rongcheng Gear carried out relocation and technology innovation program in 2009 so as to transform into a leading gear manufacturer with international level. And program investment totals 225 million. With a goal called "Expansion, Renewal, Upgrade", it is hoped that there can be great improvement in manufacturing size, product quality, comprehensive capability and other aspects and realize volume production in 3rd quarter of 2012 as expected.

Enlarge manufacturing size: After relocated and upgraded, the new gear plant will covers around 113220 square meters with new built gear joint workshop of 12963.4 square meters. And annual gear production amount will increase to 450 thousand from 150 thousand to resolve the insufficiency in productivity.

Equipment and approach renewal: Several advanced gear equipment for manufacture and test will be introduced from Oerlikon Company, such as CNC spiral bevel gear cutting machine, CNC spiral bevel grinding machine, CNC spiral bevel burnishing machine, CNC spiral bevel gear test machine, gear measurement center, CNC spiral bevel gear blade grinding test machine. CNC machine will be adopted in all gear machining and continuous carburizing furnace from Aichelin Corporation renowned worldwide will be used as heating treatment equipment. Gear dry cutting will be used to improve efficiency, reduce cost as well as ensure unified gear appearance and maintain parameter stability.

Test method renewal: With the closed system consisted of KIMOS5 design software, machining lathe and measuring machine tool (P60), product quality can be traced and controlled by computer control system.According to real shape of gear surface, the system can adjust machine tool and compensate gear before heating so as to improve the consistency of finished gear contact trace.

Technology upgrade: Spiral bevel gear design software KIMOS will be upgraded from KIMOS3 to KIMOS5 the most advanced one in the world. Product technology and value will be boosted by researching high end products. And new product development term is to be shortened to 1 to 3 months from 6 to 12 months. Plus, we will have the capability to produce different high end spiral bevel gears for various models. The technology innovation this time can change the driven gear maximum diameter to 480mm from 300mm so as to realize SG gear marching into middle and heavy duty axle markets.

Personnel quality improvement: the company invited several excellent gear experts at home and abroad as technology innovation pioneer to conduct analysis and strict control on gear development and research, manufacturing process and procedures with other engineers to make sure the high level quality of gears produced by high precision equipment. Quality, technology and production people have been sent to benchmark companies abroad to learn and attend training on TPM, ISO/TS16949, JIT and others. Internally, we also conducted training on professional knowledge and daily management skills. Only by improving people quality can we lay a solid foundation for product quality transformation.

Product quality enhancement: Advanced equipment, complete management system, qualified staff and senior quality test capability can improve product quality to a higher level. After the technology innovation, gear grinding precision can be controlled within DIN6 level (international 5 level) and DIN 7 level (international level 5) for burnishing precision. Also, noise is under 72 decibel.

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