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SG Commended Party Members and Party Organizations with best Performance to Commemorate CCP's 91th Anniversary

On Jun.30th, SG Automotive Group held party meeting to commend party members and party organizations with best performance, aiming at commemorate CCP's 91th anniversary.
Group party committee, on one hand, carried out the selection activity by taking production and operation as focal points. On the other hand, it called on its branches, some basic party teams to conduct competitions about production and operation barriers, important procedures, opportunities for profit enhancement. Through these approaches, many party members and organizations came to our eyes with their outstanding performances. Altogether, there are one excellent party committee, four excellent party branches, ten distinguished party teams. Plus, 45 people were selected as best party members and 10 people honored as good workers for party affairs. And they got recognition in this awarding ceremony.
It is said that corporate party committee scheduled to develop 22 party member, approve 33 people to be formal party members to get party more vital and its spirit refreshed.


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