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SG Group Wuhu suspension module project is launching officially

    SG Group “suspension module integrated supply project” launched officially on June,19th,2009 in Anhui Wuhu, which is the second vehicle suspension module factory established by SG Group at home.

    Wuhu suspension module project is especially established in order to develop sedan front and rear wheel suspension assembly with main engine manufactures   simultaneous.

    SG Group corporation established the production basement producing sedan suspension module in Shenyang in 2008 which provided support for Brilliance Splendor FRV cracking the A sedan market. This creates the first step for chassis system module assembly supplies.
    SG Group corporation try their best to crack the sedan suspension axle market from2000. At present, the manufacture accuracy of the suspension assembly component has reached advanced level in the same industry at home. Independent suspension, semi-independent torsion-type suspension, sub frame are durable, stable, adaptable which have completed a set for Brilliance, Chery, JAC and etc.


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