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Dandong Huanghai Hybrid Power City Bus Won Two Prizes in Energy Saving and New Energy Bus Content

        With outstanding performance in 2012 3rd. Energy Saving and New Energy Bus Innovation Content from 17th to 18th in Hangzhou, Dandong Huanghai hybrid power city bus DD6129CHEV1 was awarded "the Best Model" and "Technology Innovation" prizes.
        By adopting plug-in hybrid power system, DD6129CHEV1 electrical power rate reaches 52.7% which is far more than industrial standard and that of products made by leading manufacturers. The average fuel saving rate is up to more than 20%.
        Hosted by Science and Technology Branch of China City Public Traffic Association and Public Bus Groups in Beijing, Tianjian and other main cities, this content attracted many top new energy bus enterprises to attend and promoted communication on science and technology creativity. All products on site were divided into three categories which were range-extended electric power bus, pure electric power bus and hybrid power bus for experts to test and evaluate and select the best for each model.

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