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Huanghai Bus Awarded Two Prizes by CIBC


The 5th CIBC( China International Bus Contest), jointly sponsored by China Urban Public Transportation Association( CUPTA), Science and Technology Branch of CUPTA etc, released its award on Mar. 19, 2011. Huanghai Bus was awarded China Bus Golden Prize and Best Chassis Prize.
    With "Low-carbon Bus Makes Better City" as the theme and to create top brand for China bus industry, the exhibition introduced all kinds of brand new products for urban public transportation featuring comfort, safety, and environment-friendliness.
The three models of Huanghai bus displayed this time not only reflected the theme of the exhibition but also embodied the notion of "Harmonious Public Transportation" embraced by Huanghai itself. Huanghai vowed to make its utmost to build the leading bus brand in China, to make city more beautiful and to make public transportation more pleasant.
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