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Excellent Performance in Harsh Environment

 Huanghai Landscape V3 Succeeded in homologation tests

 In January 2010, Huanghai Landscape V3 SUVs were tested in three harsh conditions separately, which were high latitude, high temperature and low temperature, and met the national homologation test requirements with excellent performances.
    The tested vehicles started off at Dandong and passed their way through Shenyang, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, Yinchuan, Shuangta (Gulang) and Tulufan, etc.
The high latitude test took place on Qinghai-Tibet Highway ( on the section from Geermu to Kunlun Mountain Pass with the latitude from 2700 to 5000 meters). The parameters of vehicle electronic system were adjusted to actual running conditions under different speeds and slopes, and the vehicles demonstrated good performance under each running condition.
    The daytime temperature in August in Tulufan is above 40 degree Celsius which meets the high temperature test requirement. Landscape V3s were tested under such high temperature with heavy load. They continually ran at low and high speed and along upslope. Parameters of electronic system were adjusted so that engine output power would match vehicle speed and different gear shift positions, and engine would run at its best condition with enhanced power output, low emission,and good fuel economy. The test demonstrated the vehicles reliability in summer and ensured customer satisfaction.
Test in low temperature was performed in Helongjiang Province, and included engine start at low temperature and performance test at low temperature.
Successfully passing all tests under high latitude, high temperature and low temperature, Landscape V3 fully met the national homologation test requirements and demonstrated its superb performance in fuel economy, power output, safety and environment-friendliness.

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