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Shoulder Social Responsibility as Entrepreneur

Shoulder Social Responsibility as Entrepreneur

Mr.Li Jindian, Deputy of NPC and Chairman of SG Automotive Group Submitted Proposals to NPC and Interviewed by CNR
   SG president Mr. Li Jindian attended 4th session of 11th NPC in Beijing from 5th to 14th , May 2011. As an NPC representative, Li performed his responsibilities by submitting suggestions on green traffic, improvement of traffic congestion, school bus engineering project and other crucial issues concerning environment protection and livelihood. Meanwhile, he was interviewed by media, such as CNR, People Website, ifeng Website, CCTV, Liaoning TV and the like.
   The total sales of SG rocketed 11.2 billion RMB last year. And for recent years, SG has been in the "Top 30 Automotive Maker" list. How to carry on the social responsibility for the auto industry was the subject Mr.Li the entrepreneur thought and worked on before his attending the session. Substituting fuel with clean energy is called by national energy policy and development of clean energy vehicle is listed in national middle and long term development plan. Mr. Li submitted proposals on accelerating the development of LNG vehicle and low speed electric vehicle and provided ideas on accelerating R&D, their industrialization, trial run in cities and their promotion. 
   Traffic congestion has already become an "urban disease" which is now spreading to some small cities. Mr. Li considered that articulated bus which is a kind of high capacity bus is a favorable solution to this point. Besides, it also presents incomparable advantages in reducing transportation cost, enhancing efficiency, saving road spaces, reducing gas emission and protecting environment, etc. Therefore, president Li put forward proposals in the aspect of articulated bus development.  
   Lately, school buses with unified standard in Kuandian Manzu Autonomous Region has been regarded as a model by CCTV and CYOL for providing convenience and guaranteeing safety for students in rural areas. Nowadays, the severe problem of school buses lies in the fact that many unqualified buses like modified buses, aged buses, overloaded buses are still in operation for students. Having caused many accidents, unregulated school buses has become a hot topic in NPC. President Li attached great importance to such issue. He suggested that we should learn from western countries in this regard and consider establishing comprehensive school bus system as a public welfare undertaking. It is necessary to formulate industry policies and set up operation mechanism in light of China actual conditions. Plus, he deemed that transportation fees for elementary and middle school buses in rural areas should be assumed by governments at all levels. In addition to these actions, the supervision of school buses production and sales should be reinforced to ensure the safety of school buses.
   Mr. Li said that as an NPC representative and an entrepreneur, it was obligatory for him to focus on environment protection and livelihood. Besides, this responsibility is also fundamental for the development of automotive industry.
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