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50 Huanghai Natural Gas Buses Delivered to Harbin Bus Company


    Recently, 50 DD6126B12 Huanghai natural gas buses have been delivered to Harbin Bus Company. They will put into use after related procedures are completed. The introduction of natural gas buses reinforced the awareness of using low-carbon traffic transportation in this city, updated its bus types and helped to establish a nice image of the city.

    Huanghai DD6126B12 CNG bus is a large-sized high end city bus newly designed to implement the concept of “Be Harmonious”. Its front looking like a smiling face is an unique expression and gained great popularity. With super domestic engine, this CNG bus exemplifies the idea of environmental friendliness. Compared with traditional diesel vehicle, natural gas bus can save consumption cost of around 80 yuan per kilometer. In this case, one such bus can save over 9000 liters diesel fuel worthy almost 60 thousand yuan every year. So the difference between these two types of vehicle on energy consumption is huge.

    As the leading manufacturer in large-sized high end natural gas bus industry nationwide, Huanghai designed several bus types particularly based on the local features in Harbin, like low temperature, road capacity, passengers amount and financial condition. So far, there are nearly 2000 Huanghai buses of all types, i.e. 70% buses in the city were made by Huanghuai. Huanghai has already been regarded as the premier bus brand there. Meanwhile, Huanghai company organized a professional team to provide training for administrators, maintenance workers and drivers to ensure these buses can be operated under right instructions. Together with technicians from natural gas engine factories and natural gas equipment manufacturers, Huanghai relevant members offered guidance and directions on site to help users establish comprehensive understanding of natural gas buses.


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