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First time breaking through 100000 Yuan selling price, Huanghai Landscape V3 CUV shining in Changchun International Automobile Expo



     From its launching in April in Shanghai International Auto Fair till its launching in sub stations in July, Landscape V3 CUV by its fashionable styling with sports feeling, luxury and humanoid equipments and also excellent power have won the affirmation of the market and its product is in consumer’s good grace. Landscape V3 CUV is one of the models which is always with top attention in the month among all the SUVs. Until now, Huanghai Auto brings Landscape V3 CUV alma version with 99800 Yuan worthy selling price to Changchun 8th International Automobile Expo which not only launches a potent drug to SUV market, meanwhile it brings price advantage for Huanghai Auto products. Fashionable styling, mature power plus value worthy selling price equal to good value for it.

    Brand new fashionable sports style is one of the selling points of Landscape V3 CUV. It integrates with Japanese high end SUV body style design, and based on that adds brand new factor for design. Its aesthetic shaped front and rear diamond headlights plus downward ladder shaped engine grill make Landscape V3 CUV not only with full feeling of sports but also keeps its special elegant temperament.

    In power, Landscape V3 CUV has many mature choices for it. It may use 2.0 Mitsubishi 4G63 gasoline engine and 2.4 Mitsubishi MIVEC gasoline engine, adopting Japan Mitsubishi Auto fine craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing process, MIVEC (variable valve technology) system may reach higher emission standard by full combustion so as to reduce fuel consumption and also increase torque during low speed. Landscape V3 CUV can be driven very light and easy in city, the reaction of acceleration during high speed is also very sensitive with high power, high torque, compact structure, low vibration, low noise level, low fuel consumption, low emission and etc. Among all the SUVs in the same field its coordination between engine and CBU is very high which is really in accordance with the positioning of city recreation for SUV. 

    It is because of such excellent quality product, Landscape V3 CUV brings so many surprises in market.  In this Changchun International Automobile Expo, after strict evaluation of experts of organization committee, Landscape V3 CUV finally shines brightly among all the cars which take part in this expo. It is officially appointed as special grand prix. It is reported each spectator who bring expo entrance ticket will have the opportunity to be come lucky spectators. From July 14 till July 24, everyday will draw 10 lucky spectators, so till July 24, there are total 110 lucky spectators. Among these 110 lucky spectators, there will be one lucky spectator who will get the special grand prix—one unit of Huanghai Auto Landscape V3 CUV.

    Being top grade national auto expo, Changchun International Automobile Expo makes Huanghai Auto influence to Changchun area even to whole Northeast China market extended further. The strong launching of Landscape V3 CUV alma version with selling price 99800 Yuan brings consumer with value worthy product. The spectators may come to Changchun International Automobile Expo 4A-02 stand to feel the super charisma of Landscape V3 CUV.

    2011 the 8th Changchun International Automobile Expo holds opening ceremony on July 15 in Changchun International Exhibition Center. Under the theme of “science, green and future” for this expo, so many car brands collect in Northeast China. For this expo, Huanghai Auto brings its main product—Landscape V3 CUV 2.0 alma version with its selling price 998000 Yuan to the platform of Changchun Automobile Expo. This model is officially appointed as special grand prix for this expo by organization committee; therefore it becomes the vehicle that attracts the most attention for this expo.


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