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No malfunction, Danton Huanghai accomplishes the Beijing Olympic task perfectly.

    After 17 days, Beijing Olympic Game closed successfully, technology service staffs who are in charge of the Beijing Olympic Games breathed a sigh of relief .Also, and they feel very proud and confident of attending such a pageant.
    During the Olympic Games, more than 3000 buses of all models participate in the activity of which 215 buses are applied in the Olympic gym, 300 buses are applied on the Olympic bus line.  Other buses are arranged on bus lines.
    In Apr early this year, Huanghai corporation made a special investigation on Olympic bus service assurance , established 《Danton Huanghai Olympic service assurance scheme》. Beijing Olympic game is China’s event, national event, also an event of every Chinese people. Therefore, little service mistakes are allowed in the Olympics.
    In order to guarantee no mistakes happened in the Olympic Games, we had made some specific measures.一, Serve at station: we sent one engineer to the service station ( Chang an street , Olympic village and competition Venues line ) in order to make sure problems arisen solved quickly and guarantee our vehicles work on time. 二, Serve at node : We set up mobile rapid rescue teams, equipped with rescue vehicle and professional engineers at crucial line, Olympic village and competition Venues line node which aims at solving problems quickly. 三, Prompt service: We set up 5 rapid rescue teams, each team include 2 people. Our 24 hour service hotline: 010-87500819. Any emergent accident happened, please give us a call. Our service promise: reach south of the Chang an street within 30 minutes; reach north of the Chang an street within 1 hour. (Except for car accident or traffic control). 四, Training service: We can supply training for the servicemen on the spot which includes fault diagnosis, judgment and maintenance experience in the process of fault diagnosis. At the same time, professional engineers of Huanghai Corporation should give the new vehicle team some necessary technical training. 
    MoXibo from Beijing after sale service introduced that: Huanghai set up a technical service team including 30 people and 6 guarantee vehicles. (3 odd/even number) in order to support all- day -service which guarantees our vehicle stability and zero fault. Every midnight, we had to check the function of all the vehicles. Except for the regular guarantee of steering and brake components, we also have to check whether the vehicles are oil leakage, air leakage or switch insensitive. If so, we must handle it in no time. To ensure a good external environment during the Olympic period, we have to make sure the paint of the outer vehicle is complete and clean as well. One of the Huanghai technical service engineers said: Though there is a few problems happened, we all have to settle it immediately without negligence. Sometimes, we even forgot the mealtime when we are busy. What is in our mind is settle the problems quickly and make the bus work normally. Hearing these homely words, we felt not only the down-to-earth of the Huanghai people but also the responsibility of them. 
    With the strong prediction capability, careful service and strong sense of responsibility, 500 Huanghai buses serve the Olympic game during 7 days without any mistakes which has reached the required standard -- zero faults. We do our share for the Olympic Games with our excellent quality and standard service.


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