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Huanghai Economic Energy-saving Bus: Painstaking is to Bear Fruits

  On 17th, June, Huanghai Bus Company held a fantastic new products promotion conference at Panshan Mountain resort in Tianjin. Products that displayed were two models of Huanghai economic energy-saving buses. They were 10 m-long D6119K30 bus called “ masterpiece of energy-saving ” and 12.8 m-long DD6128C01 bus called “masterpiece of dreamland”, and were used for transportation, tourism and regular bus service. Though less than fifty customers attended the meeting, purchase letter of intent of one hundred buses was signed, according to Commercial Vehicle News .

  Set right orientation, create competitive edges
  The development of bus market is not as prosperous as expected this year with forecasted average increase rate of only 5% . This competitive bus market is likely to bring about a situation where strong players will be much stronger and weak ones be even weaker. Though Huanghai Bus is advantageous in city bus industry, he must carry out a further research on products and create its own competitive edges in order to obtain a larger share in other sections of the bus market.
    As the oil price increases constantly, energy-saving has become a key topic in bus industry. Since profit of bus sightseeing business is not satisfactory, buyers are more concerned about  oil-saving performance of the bus. Therefore, Huanghai R&D team tried the utmost to design a new series of economic energy-saving bus. They removed some minor equipment and functions as customers requested. As a result, 3 to 4 L oil can be saved per kilometer by each energy-saving bus .
Sales leaders of Huanghai Bus said that the development of 8-12 m non-city bus has already finished and reached the advanced level in China.They are confident that the new products will expand the company's market share in non-city bus market.
   Create maximum value for users
    Zhang Shenghai, senior engineer of Chassis Research Institute of Huanghai Bus said that the design focus of Huanghai economic energy-saving bus is “safety, fuel-economy, practicality and maximized value to customer”. He pointed out that in order to meet different requirements of customers in different regions, we took all kinds of measures, such as cutting fuel consumption to save cost, utilizing intelligent statistics collection and management system , redesigning active and passive safety control systems and introducing other methods to ensure comfortable ride and full use of interior space.
The reporter from Commercial Vehicle News said it is oil-saving that is the biggest uniqueness of the bus after his trial drive of the bus. From trial drivings by different customers, it was proved that the minimum oil consumption by D6119K30 was only around 19 liters shown on professional indicator. How could this be achieved? Both Zhang Shenghai and Jin Jian, chief sales manager in Tianjin said that Huanghai staff had really devoted themselves in dealing with reducing oil consumption.
“To meet the requirements of economic energy-saving bus, we used professional software to  conduct matching calculation of different parts in powertrain system .We adopted engines of low revolution speed and big torque, and set reasonable gear ratio in transmission and rear axle. We worked with engine supplier to develop new engine and optimized engine attachment system by installing switches of oil-saving mode and cruise mode to achieve best fuel economy under all operating conditions”. Zhang explained that we also took measures in other aspects concerned about fuel economy, for instances, adopting large streamlined curved surface to reduce body protrusion, designing rear-view mirror in streamlined shape and improving vehicle airtight performance. As a result, vehicle air damping coefficient Cd is reduced to 0.53. Most importantly, different systems of the vehicle work well with each other, especially the diesel engine oil-saving performance is excellent.
Customers recognition brings great hope
Liaoning is the largest market of Huanghai non-highway bus, and Tianjin is the second one. With competitive products, Jin Jian chief sales manager in Tianjin mapped out a blueprint in mind and made great efforts with his colleague. Through their joint efforts, Tianjin Yuanjie Passenger Transportation Company has purchased 20 Huanghai buses and planed to order another 60 buses. Wang Binghai, deputy general manager drove for trial and then commented: “ Its driving force is good. Besides, the biggest virtue is fuel economy which is fairly hard to be done nowadays. The test proved that Shanghai diesel engine performs the best.” 
In high spirits, Manager Wang from Tianjin Youth Travel Agency gave it try as well. He said: “In general, Huanghai bus is outstanding not only for its beautiful appearance but also its nice performance in oil-saving. We will definitely order Huanghai buses if necessary.”
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