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SG Cares about Female Staff Health

Dandong Labour Union delivered a speech on female health in SG on Jun. 18th from which female staff learned a lot about how to avoid from gynaecologic diseases and career from daily work and their awareness of self protection has been strengthened.

In order to ensure special interest for female staff and increase their capability to defeat diseases and other unexpected risks, the company not only buys Ankang insurance for female staff but also encouraged them to participate in different activities held by provincial labour union to help them have better understanding of these issues.

Besides, the company conducts various activities to celebrate women's day on Mar. 8th every year. And female staff physical examination is carried out as a regular rule every year to protect woman's right.

The company attaches great importance to female staff's physical health and protects their legal rights by taking practical measures. It not only builds up their confidence but also stimulates their work enthusiasm.


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