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SG 30 Years’ Anniversary


   2014.12.8, it is the 30 years’ anniversary of Liaoning SG Auto. Group Ltd.
   30 years of SG, is a history of hard works. 30 years ago, starting from the borrowed 22 square meters, till now, SG has become the modern large enterprise groups with more than 7000 employees, covers an area of 3.12 million square meters, production equipment 9000 sets production equipments, became the second largest auto enterprise group in Liaoning and the national automobile export base enterprises.
   Two brands "Shuguang Axle", "Huanghai Vehicle" has won the Chinese famous brand products, China famous trademark, 18 consecutive years leading light drive axle industry in China, is the domestic clean energy bus system leading enterprises, the special vehicle market benchmark companies.
    The beginning of SG factory has nothing, no money, and no plant. But the first generation of SG people has full of passion and energy, with entrepreneurial spirit and the will.
   From the difficult time, SG people deeply realize that the key to the development of company is the product, technology and independent innovation. Pinch and scrape, tighten its belt, the first generation of SG people put all the profit year by year in technological transformation.
   In 1992, developed independent suspension and 4 wheel drive suspension, became the milestone in SG history
   In 1996, based on new productions and imported advanced process and equipments, sale volume of axles became the No 1. in china. In 18 years, SG develop 7 categories 100 type products.
   SG did not stopped, with acquisitions, restructuring and merger, SG rapidly expanding scale, the company has gong into a new stage of development.
   In 1995, SG start to make agricultural vehicle, a vehicle modification company had been setup to produce 7 types of agriculture vehicle can be used to ship passenger or cargo.  
   In Jun 2000, name changed to Dandong Shuguang special vehicle co. ltd.
   In May 2002, developed Pickup and SUV, from then on, SG has its own brand, became a dark horse in Chinese auto industry。
   In March 1997, SG holding purchased Shandong Zhucheng Axle plant which stopped production and on the loss of a million, formed Zhucheng SG axle co., LTD.
   In 2004, SG Zhucheng Axle moved the plant, upgraded production lines.
   In 2010, second time of production upgrade, capacity had been improved to 400,000 pieces; accumulative total investment is 120 million Yuan.
   In November 1997, SG leased Fengcheng Agriculture Machine 2nd plant, formed SG Auto Axle Shaft Co. Ltd. after invested 100 million, it became the modern company with capability of independent innovation.  
   In June 1999, SG established Shandong Rongcheng Gear Co., LTD., invested 240 million yuan to upgrade the plant, and introduced the world's most advanced gear production and testing equipments, to produce international first-class level automobile gear.
   It is difficult to start a business; it is even more difficult to grow. To make the company bigger, stranger, and better, is the instinct of a entrepreneur;to create more wealth for the society and for employees, is the base for company survival.
   In 1991, as the government police changed, SG grasped the chance, changed the collective ownership enterprise to a joint-stock enterprise.
   On January 12, 1993, formed SG Axle joint stock company, became the 1st Joint stock company in Dandong, and 1st company changed the collective ownership enterprise to a joint-stock enterprise in Liaoning.
   On December 26, 2000, SG stock listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange, SG became the 1st listed private company in Liaoning, and it is a qualitative leap for SG.
   In 2001, China joined WTO, a start of gold 10 years of “world factory”, SG did not missed the chance, participate in the international competition, became the supplier of international mainstream car companies.  SG hired international financial strategy consultant, introduced the world advanced technology, signed a long-term supply agreement with the company in world top 500 enterprises, joined the pace of economic globalization, acting on international conventions.
   On November 22, 2002, Liaoning SG Co. Ltd hold and restructured Liaoning Huanghai Auto Co. Ltd which has 50 year history like the snake swallow the elephant.
   On September 22, 2003, Liaoning SG Axle Co. Ltd changed to Liaoning SG Auto. Group Co. Ltd.
   Maybe someone will ask How come a small company grows so fast. The answer from SG is that : Demand create opportunity, opportunity need hard working, hard working will lead to success ! In 20 years, people from SG built from scratch to a giant company in an extraordinary speed with their strong will and tenacity, created a miracle in china Auto industry. 

Striving for new life



   Rainbow is always after rain and wind. The private owned auto industry represented by SG, is suffering from countless hardships and tests, constantly emancipating the mind, competing with the largest multinationals, fighting their way out through all kinds of expectations, disputes, joys, frustrations, hesitations and passions. 
   In 2004, the 20th anniversary of SG, Chairman Mr. Jindian Li set the magnificent target of operating SG to 100 years. SG rise abruptly centerd on its accumulated strength, speed up the pace of strategic layout and technical reformation, and open the innovation and development of "golden decade".
   In 10 years, SG keep follow the development of auto industry, accumulated income is 46 billion, annual income growth rate is 10%, in 2010 the full coverage income is tens of billions. Accumulated tax submitted to nation is 2.64 billion. In achieving the development of the enterprise itself, at the same time, give back to the state and society.
   In 10 years, SG insist on implementing the technical strategy of “1 slow, 1 fast, 3 meanwhile”. About finished vehicles, SG newly built Dandong Huanghai Special Vehicles center, Changzhou Huanghai Large & Middle size Bus center, Dandong Huanghai PV center, Dalian Huanghai Light bus center and Dandong Huanghai New Energy center. About axle and components, SG newly built Dandong Axle R & D and production center, Rongcheng Gear R & D and production center; based on the development of market, Shenyang Suspension Axle center, Zhucheng Axle senter and Liuzhou, Hefei, Guangzhou, Chongqing ect. center have been built one after another, formed a nationwide industry area layout. Now SG have the capacity of producing 100,000 finishes vehicles, and axles for 1 million vehicles. By constantly increase the investment for technical reform, using advanced and mature tooling equipment to build project, the fabrication and tooling equipment of SG have been improved a lot, moreover, this also provide the equipment support for transferring from low & middle end to high end. 
   In 10 years, SG insist on the truth “product is the life of an enterprise” newly developed car suspension, light bus, light truck, pickup and SUV axle, meet the requirements of national brands and joint venture brands, industrial influence has been further improved; about PV section, Dachaishen pickup has been popular in the market for 8 years, the new N1 pickup achieve good results; about special vehicles, tanker truck is the major product, followed by semitrailer, medical vehicles and snow cleaning vehicles are being developed, on the basis of enriching the military use vehicle market, civilian use market and exporting market have been extened; about large and middle size bus, environmental city buses have been developed, account for more than 50% of bus sales. 
   In 10 years, rewarded as “National Enterprise Technical Center”, now we have 4 professional R&D Centers, axle R&D Center, Huanghai Bus R&D Center, PV R&D Center and Light bus R&D Center. SG have the capability of design and develop finished products and chassis, including bus series of city bus, travelling bus, long-distance bus and new energy bus etc. , light coach, suv, pickup, special vehicle with different classes and multifunction. We are the biggest R&D and fabrication center of light axle in China with 4 platforms of suspension system, light/mini axle, middle & heavy axle, and components. 
   Over 10 years, SG takes improving the supplier chain as the major work, have 1186 qualified suppliers for material, 237 qualified suppliers for equipments. In the beginning, only about 50 suppliers, annual purchased amount is tens of millions, now we have 1423 suppliers, annual purchased amount is about tens of billions, and competitive supplier chain has been developed gradually. 
   Over 10 years, SG strengthen the construction of informatization level, optimize OA, ERP, SAP, improved the management efficiency and benefit. 
   Over 10 years, SG follow the principle of “always consider team first, individual secondly”, employees develop the spirit of loyalty, devotion to work, and dedication. Focus on cultivating loyal employees, build loyalty teams, advocating “lead the trend of times, build 100-year SG”. 
   Over 10 years, SG insists on people first, provide different kinds of welfares to employees. Build apartments, develop new property projects and give discounts. Prepare gifts to employees for each Chinese festival, provide annual paid vacation, organize kinds of sports events, art show etc. enrich employees sparetime life. 
   Over 10 years, SG pays lots of attention of social welfare charity, donate money for education, disaster relief, environmental construction, historical sites and cultural relics protection, etc., accumulated total donation is more than 30 million.
   Over 10 years, SG insists on enterprise economic development as well as party construction, have been rewarded as provincial and municipal advanced group for years. Group Party Committee has been awarded as “Dandong Advanced Party Committee”, “Liaoning Provincial Party Committee” and so on. 


   SG is still striving, not stopped at the past 10 years’ accomplishments. The willing of Chairman Mr. Jindian Li and President Mr. Haiyang Li is to build SG to 100-year-old. China national automobile industry in the future, the value of products and technological content will change from low to high. Tomorrow is good, but reality is cruel. We should work hard for another 10 years to achieve our 100-year goal. Not be sluggish, not be proud, be modest and passion for the development of auto industry, the transformation of the city, the improvement of the country!


   In the last 80’s, the ideal of SG’s entrepreneurs was only to improve living condition and change the fate. Now, SG people consciously put the group business, enterprise prosperity, and regional development, national destiny closely together, " serve the country with Industry" to implement the ideal on national and social responsibility.
   During beginning period, the state did not invest a penny. By the end of 2013, the group total sales income reached to 73.049 billion, profits of 2.178 billion, 28.32 billion of taxes paid, made outstanding contributions to the economic and social development of Dandong.
   Review the 30 years of SG’s development history, it has experienced three stages of survival, development and transformation. Especially in the past 10 years, with positive response to the call of the Party and the government, SG actively adjust the industrial structure, to promote the transformation and upgrading, and laid the foundation for the leap forward development of a new round of the new period.
   The next 10 years, China's national economy will still maintain the 7% of "the new normal steady growth". The auto industry will enter a stable growth and adjustment period, the automobile production enterprises will enter the key period of structural adjustment, change in mode of development. The market competition will be further intensified; the core ability of the product market competition will become a comprehensive brand, technology, capital and management, enterprise competition.
   What is the develop direction of SG in the next 10 years?
   In the next 10 years, SG will follow the national industrial policies, speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, product structure and market structure, enhance core competitiveness, realize the sustainable development, keep working hard to create a century-old brand!
   In the next 10 years, SG will realize three transformations, which are, from the size and speed to the quality and efficiency; from traditional manufacturing to manufacturing and services; improvise to integrate social resources, market share, change the benefits and win-win development. "These three changes are related to the enterprise's destiny, only to realize three transformations can enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and enable enterprises to truly get rid of the difficult position, and have the ability of sustainable development."
   Glory and achievement has been carved in the history. SG people will stand in a new starting point after 30 years, and start off toward the ideal of industry serve the country!

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