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Saudi Arabian Customer Purchased 66 Deluxe Buses in 3 Years


22 Huanghai 12- meter long deluxe buses are finally inspected and tested in Dandong plant, and will be shipped to Saudi Arabian customer. For 3 consecutive years, the Saudi Arabian customer has purchased Huanghai deluxe bus in lot.
The tests done by domestic accredited bus lab showed that the Huanghai deluxe bus has exceed national standards in many aspects and reached the international level. The bus was awarded "Best Highway Bus" prize in 2009 Beijing Highway Transportation Vehicle Show.
The Saudi Arabian customers placed the first order of 20 DD6129K02 deluxe buses in May, 2009. After one year’s run, they thought highly of Huanghai buses in terms of controllability, stability, safety, after-sales service and parts supply. Hence, the second order of 20 DD6129K02 deluxe buses was issued to Huanghai in June 2010.

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