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Assisting Changchun International Automobile Expo, Landscape V3 CUV is officially appointed to be special grand prix


    So many beautiful cars collect in Changchun which makes Changchun so lively. Recently the 8th Changchun International Automobile Expo is opening. Besides the attention to various kinds of beautiful cars and girls, the lottery draw activity during this automobile expo set off a raging wave among consumers.
    In order to enhance the interaction between car expo and consumers, repay the support to the development of car industry of them, the organizing committee makes special arrangement of lottery draw activity during visit of car expo and also appoints Huanghai Auto Landscape V3 (with model, equipment, photo and quotation) which is most concerned in this year as special grand prix. The consumers only need to buy one piece of entrance ticket to pay a visit, and then he will have the opportunity to gain this special grand prix.


    It is reported that Landscape V3 CUV which is officially appointed as special grand prix for this car expo from its launching in April on Shanghai International Auto Fair till launching in sub stations in July, always regarded as one of most attention in this year among all SUVs and welcome by the consumers. The organizing committee chief expresses, “the reason why Landscape V3 CUV is so talent among all the SUVs and become the officially appointed special grand prix for this car expo is because of its excellent quality. The CBU features and quality are higher than that of traditional SUV, its styling with innervations and fashion of Landscape V3 CUV plus monocoque body design which could meet the various kinds of requirements for family use, commercial use, leisure, off road and etc. And its pricing could meet the requirement for modern people and consuming therefore it is got most attention in market. We just take a fancy to it and give it as present to lucky consumer by most welcome CUV in market”.
    Landscape V3 CUV is brand new city recreation CUV by Hanghai Auto, the style of fashionable sports is one of most important selling points, it continues the European fashionable body stream, front and rear diamond headlights, combining downward ladder-shaped engine grill, not only with full of sports feeling but also showing special elegant temperament of Landscape V3 CUV.

    Furthermore, Landscape V3 CUV adopts the monocoque body design which almost all mid and luxury sedan car must use which could fully ensure the safety and stability of driving and pay more attention to the feeling of comfort of driving on road in city. Meanwhile 4-wheel McPherson strut system can effectively reduce the vibration from ground which makes Landscape V3 CUV posses many functions such as city recreation and enjoyment. For this, many consumers show admire to its individual “city recreation style” of Landscape V3 CUV.


    Excellent product quality makes Landscape V3 CUV more surprise to market, and also Landscape makes additional competition for itself in this Changchun International Automobile Expo that is, it is reported Haunghai Auto launches Landscape V3 alma version with overflow price of 99800 Yuan to the market. This action inserts market not only with potent drug to car market and in the same time makes its product with additional price advantage for competition.

    Fashionable style, high level equipments, worthwhile price equals to good value. In this Changchun International Automobile Expo Huanghai Auto shows again the core competition ability and continuous development strong power of its products to consumers. During Changchun International Automobile Expo from July 14th till July 24th all the spectators may come to 4A-02 Huanghai stand to feel the super worthwhile charisma of Landscape V3 CUV. Meanwhile you may also have the lucky opportunity to get the special grand prix for this expo.

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