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SG Auto Group Honored "Provincial Governor Quality Award", the Highest Prize for Distinguished Performance Management System

    SG Auto Group was awarded "Liaoning Province Governor Quality Prize" which is the highest prize in the current distinguished performance management system by the provincial government on Apr. 20th 2012. On behalf of the corporate, SG axle and component division introduced the distinguished performance management system, made fully understanding of system standards and resolved operational problems one by one based on its solid management foundation and competent staff members and attained unprecedented success in management system establishment for the group.

    The award demonstrates great significance to the company:

    1. Several historical changes: Dandong got its first "Province Governor Quality Award" because of SG. And our company is also the first one who passed inspection and achieved success at one time in Liaoning.

    2.Self-improvement: We introduced the extinguished performance management system standards to our company management and worked out self assessment reports and related documents on company operation quality. All departments have made joint efforts to make sufficient preparation for site review. In this process, we learned how to reach better coordination and react to important issues.

    3. Social value achievement: the company helps to lay a solid foundation for distinguished performance system standards establishment for Dandong enterprises. As a successful example, we provided experience for other companies. We made contributions for local company improvement and showed our social value.

    4. Enterprise reputation enhancement: Related departments will popularize successful management experience of companies awarded the prize and  these companies have the right to use the award marker in their product packages and instruction manuals affiliated.

    "Provincial Governor Award" achievement represents that we made a great progress in distinguished performance management system. At the same time,our effort have been identified by peers and the government, which brings strong momentum for the company and lays foundation for future development.

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