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Won in High-level Bidding Competition


Awarded Order of 409 Aid Vehicles
   Manufactured by Special Purpose Vehicle Company, samples of aid vehicles for homeless minors passed the assessment by expert team of MOCA ( Ministry of Civil Affair). On 1st, Nov. 2010, a follow-up order of 22 aid vehicles was issued to the company. Prior to this , the company won the bidding competition and secured a large order of 387 aid vehicles. So far the number of aid vehicles MOCA ordered has reached 409.
   All the people in the company were overjoyed and excited by the bid winning, not only for the big order that would worth 40 million RMB, but also felt very proud of being able to make their contributions to civil affair in China.
The bid winning marked two "first" in history of the company, i.e, first time attended state ministry level bidding with brand new vehicles, and won the bid though first time attended such high level bidding competition.
    As a matter of fact, many other renowned automotive manufacturers competed for the bidding. To win the bid, all concerned people in the company worked very hard as a team. Engineers finished design on vehicle retrofit, interior decoration, aid-related facilities. The resulting vehicle was well arranged in layout and featured cares for people and multiple utilities. Sales people well prepared bidding documents after deep study and analysis of various information. Employees in production department completed the building of sample vehicles carefully and efficiently by good planning and organizing. With the seamless joint efforts, the company outdid other bidder and became the final winner in the competition.
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