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Shijiazhuang bus head office placed an order with Huanghai bus about 530 buses

    Recently, with the aim of creating a green city and building a harmonious transportation, Shijiazhuang transportation department upgraded and updated the buses all over the city by bid inviting. Danton Huanghai gains the favor from Shijiazhuang head office with the influence of the first brand and ever-increasing product quality. Besides, Shijiazhuang bus head office placed an order with Huanghai bus about 530 buses with the total biding of 320 million Yuan. As a matter of fact, we became attached to Shijiazhuang buses in 2002. Every year, plenty of Huanghai buses entered into Shijiazhuang market. At present, there are about thousands of Huanghai buses in Shijiazhuang and the market share has reached above 70%.

    Danton Huanghai dominating the Shijiazhuang market is not accidental but has a deep inevitability. Huanghai bus regards best quality as its brand manifesto, which contains a double implication: one is the quality of the products manufactured; the other is the quality of the service. Huanghai products are extraordinarily reliable, security and economic .High price performance ratio is our principle and customer uppest is our perpetual running rules. Concern what customers concerning, think what customers thinking. Reputation from the insiders for years is a validation of the Huanghai service. With the help of the inner power, Huanghai make their products enter the Shijiazhuang market successfully.

    That 530 Huanghai buses succeed the bid adopt classic FangJi shape , succinct and generous .Three model are as follows : 293 DD6129S58, 12 meters long , second-class stepping cars ;227 DD6141S05 , 13.7meters ,low entry ,8 gas tanks at the top ; 10 DD6160S04 , articulated vehicle  ,16 meters long ,low entry ,10 gas tanks at the top . It is reported that spacious room, reasonable seat design, handrail pipe using spray processing are the main characteristics of our buses. Also we equip our buses with LCD TV, computer-aided bus stop announcer, coin mechanism and etc. For security considerations, we install 2 monitors and 5 love seats in the bus. The human design will make the Shijiazhuang customers feel at home.


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